– The legal world can be vast, daunting and dangerous. To navigate it you’re well advised to secure the equivalent of a map, compass and helmsman. Navigate Law Firm can assist you in the areas of:

  • Family Law: divorce, custody, child support, paternity, alimony, marital property division etc.
  • Criminal Defense (& Traffic): DUI/DWI, traffic tickets, assault, theft, drug charges etc.
  • Personal Injury (car accidents, slip & fall etc.): When you are harmed due to the fault of another person I can use my legal knowledge and practical experience both in negotiating with insurance companies and pursuing damages in court to help you maximize financial compensation for your injury.
  • Probate & Estates: When a family member (or sometimes other loved one) dies, I can guide you through the court-supervised process of accounting for and distributing their property and wrapping up his/her earthly affairs.
  • Wills, Advance Healthcare Directives, POAs etc.: I can draft documents to help you have your say, or else have a trusted person of your choice speak for you, when you are unable to speak for yourself.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution: If you wish to resolve your dispute outside the court system I am a trained Mediator and a trained Collaborative Lawyer who can help you understand non-court options and help you thoroughly discuss your dispute with the other interested parties and strive to resolve it by written agreement.

– I also assist people in a number of other areas of the law so please give me a call to find out if I can help you with your legal matter. If I cannot help you, I’m happy to help you find a lawyer who can.


– “We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak,” an ancient Greek philosopher once reportedly said.

– I believe that listening is crucial. The first thing I do with all prospective clients is carefully listen to gain as full an understanding of the issues as possible. Second, I discuss possible avenues for resolving the legal problem or task. Third, I educate the client on the applicable laws and real-world practical considerations. Finally, if the prospective client decides to hire me, I represent him/her through the applicable dispute resolution mechanism.

– I’m a former university lecturer and Columbia-University-educated journalist turned lawyer. After graduating from The George Washington University Law School, I was hired by a Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge to serve as his legal assistant (i.e law clerk) for a one-year period. During that apprenticeship, I gained insight into multiple jury and non-jury trials both civil and criminal. Immediately afterward I was hired by a small law firm and began handling a diverse caseload involving domestic, civil and criminal matters. During this period I gained trial experience and earned the respect of both seasoned opposing counsel and members of the judiciary.

– In 2015 I opened up Navigate Law Firm LC to pursue my personal vision of providing client-centered, pragmatic, strategic and efficient legal representation, Mediation and Collaborative Law services.

– Oh and did I mention that I enjoy long-distance running?

[* Licensed to practice law in Maryland (2008) & Washington, D.C. (2010)]

አማርኛ ፡ ተናጋሪ ፡ ነኝ

“Mr. Abebe’s efforts as my attorney in my recent divorce were nothing but superlative.  His attention-to-detail, superb understanding of MD statutes and legal requirements, and willingness for hard work ensured my equities were more than properly represented in my case . . . I would highly recommend Mr. Abebe as an attorney, and will definitely use Mr. Abebe in the future for my legal needs.” – C. Collins


“I have been a client of Moges Abebe for 3 years using his legal services for various issues… Mr. Abebe walked me through the process and made me feel as if my case mattered to him personally. Using his services again and again for orders and court appearances I came to realize that he treats every issue with the utmost professionalism but yet with a kind personal touch that is much needed when you are a client.” – T. Thayer

“A competent, hardworking and true professional with impressive courtroom skills… I was very satisfied with his representation and handling of my case; my best interest was priority 1. I highly recommend his expertise to anyone requiring a lawyer.” – D. Hall

Seated, No Glasses Crop #2 (Sept 2015)